Dependable, affordable and reliable: three qualities that every driver looks for and three qualities that have made Volkswagen vehicles consistently some of the highest selling and popular cars for decades. Models like the Jetta and the Beetle are not just perfect first cars for young drivers but offer other drivers stylish and economical cars that they can count on for daily commuting and weekend trips with the family alike. Boasting the same impressive manufacturing quality that they have for decades, Volkswagen’s require an adept hand from a trained specialist when it comes to maintenance and service to help preserve that long-lasting comfort and high level of performance.

Offering the same quality of service that your Volkswagen would receive at the dealership but at the lower cost of an independent shop, the specialists at Mike’s Foreign Car will make sure that not only does your car run as good as new after each and every visit, but with a more personalized experience you will be able to count on us to take care the maintenance that your car actually needs and when it needs it.

Our ASE certified specialists have been providing service and repair work for all models of Volkswagen since Mike’s Foreign Car first opened in 1978 and for over 30 years our staff has believed in putting customer service first, something that has led to many lifelong customers choosing to bring their cars to us for maintenance appointments, a trust that we do not take for granted.

Understanding the maintenance needs of each Volkswagen and what makes them different from one another is something that our specialists pride themselves on as we all strive to make it so that routine service appointments for your car are easy to make and even easier to complete. One of the biggest draws of a Volkswagen has been the durability they offer drivers, which means repairing damages is even more important to preserving the long-lasting performance owners are looking for, something that our specialists take special care to ensure.

Located conveniently in Anaheim and also servicing Volkswagens and other foreign vehicles from the Yorba Linda, Anaheim Hills, Fullerton and Placentia areas, Mike’s Foreign Car is living proof that there are other ways to make sure your car gets high quality maintenance along with any service or repairs that do not involve trips to impersonal and overpriced dealerships. To schedule a service appointment or repairs for your vehicle please call us today to speak with one of our specialists.

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