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Boasting some of the most comfortable luxury cars, German automobiles have become most drivers’ preference for high-level comfort and power to go along with continually sustained performance that lasts for years. With such attention to detail given to each make and model by each manufacturer, it is important when seeking service for any German-made car that you find mechanics that you can trust.

Located in Anaheim and in business since 1978, Mike’s Foreign Car is the area’s number one choice for German Auto Repair, providing dealership level quality work with a much more personalized touch so that your vehicle receives the service that it needs with no hidden expenses or unnecessary maintenance being performed.

Staffed by German auto repair specialists, we understand the time, effort and technology that goes in to each manufacturer’s cars while understanding the various differences and components that make them different and unique from one another. Whether it is a model of Mercedes that is a few years old and in need of a routine maintenance appointment or a brand new 2017 Porsche that you just want tuned-up, our staff will handle it all with the same experienced, adept hand that we have brought to each vehicle serviced since 1978.

ASE and ASCCA certified, what sets Mike’s Foreign Car apart from the rest is our determination to not only preserve your car’s performance but your safety as well. Performing complete inspections to make sure that your brakes, shocks and other vital components are properly serviced when they need to be, we strive to put your safety first and want to work closely with you to ensure that your car gets what it needs and what you are looking for.

For drivers in Anaheim that have a German-made vehicle that is in need of maintenance or if you are just looking for a new mechanic that you can actually trust with the service of your car, Mike’s Foreign Car offers service a level above what others may be able to provide, with specialists that truly understand what you are looking for when you sit behind the wheel and what you have come to expect from both your car’s look and feel.

Mike’s Foreign Car Inc received 4.5 stars out of 5 based on 70 reviews on Yelp.

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