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The BMW-made answer to variable valve timing, the VANOS system is built to improve the power, fuel efficiency and acceleration of your ride. It works by moving the camshaft to effect when the valves open depending on your speed. The system also enhances the torque as your speed increases and reduces emissions. Available in both single VANOS and double VANOS it is a great way to make sure that you are able to get the maximum out of your Audi, Porsche or Volkswagen. It also means however that when it comes time for service that you have to make an expensive trip to the dealership so that you can be sure the job gets done right. Instead of settling for the dealerships however, a visit to Mike’s Foreign Car will have your car driving as good as new no matter the issue.

Our ASE and ASCCA certified mechanics have decades of experience specializing in European-made cars and have watched as the VANOS system debuted in the 1992 BMW 3 and 5 Series line all the way to the current lineup of manufacturers utilizing it. This means that not only do we understand how to properly service a new car but that our familiarity with the system is second to none. There are certain signs and symptoms you can look for that suggest a failing VANOS system like loss of power or torque or a rougher idle than usual but most of the time the issue can be remedied by replacing the solenoid. Utilizing variable valve timing however does make it imperative to follow your car’s service plan when it comes to scheduling regular oil changes as well. Oil and dirt deposits can lodge in the actuators and lead to the check engine light turning on or an unpleasant rattling noise.

While a trip to the dealership will usually cost you $100 just to diagnose the issue as a VANOS problem, not to mention cost of parts and labor, Mike’s Foreign Car takes a more customer friendly approach. After properly diagnosing the issue with the same tools and equipment the dealer would use, we make sure to go over all of your options with you. This way you know exactly what we are doing and can choose the services that best fit your needs and budget with no hidden surprises tacked on.

If your car is experiencing issues idling or with power or torque at lower speeds then it may be time to bring it in for service. But instead of choosing the dealership, see what has made Mike’s Foreign Car the choice service center for residents in Anaheim, Anaheim Hills and Placentia for almost 40 years. Our experts are here to make sure that your car gets the service that it needs at a price that you can afford.

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