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You rely on your car for just about everything from getting to work or school to running all the errands you have in between. It is important to keep your car in perfect condition and properly maintained so that you do not encounter severe issues or expensive repairs. One thing that is inevitable however is your car battery will eventually die. Jump-starting a car is a relatively simple task but it is only a temporary fix and will only get you so far. When it comes time to replace your car’s battery rather than risk it and do it on your own bring it to the experts at Mike’s Foreign Car.

Specializing in the maintenance of European import cars we understand the importance of using the proper equipment and tools to get any job done. Sometimes a dead car battery can be confused for an alternator going bad and rather than risk exacerbating the issue our experts will carefully inspect your car to determine that the battery is in fact the issue. We will also test your current battery to make sure it is dead and there is not a faulty connection or line that is to blame. Not only do we know what it takes to quickly replace your battery but we also utilize the same batteries your car would receive at the dealership. Whether you drive an Audi, Porsche or Volkswagen you can be certain that your car is receiving the same high quality you would be getting at a dealership but at a fraction of the cost.

Bringing your vehicle to Mike’s Foreign Car also erases another hassle that arises when you try to replace the battery on your own: proper disposal. Rather than trying to hunt down a recycling plant or shop that will take your dead battery off your hands, usually for a fee, our mechanics will properly dispose of your old battery the right way. This way you know that the job will get done correctly with minimal inconvenience or hassle to you. Located in Anaheim and helping drivers from the Anaheim Hills and Placentia areas as well, Mike’s Foreign Car has been the premiere dealership alternative for the area for almost 40 years. If your Audi, Porsche or Volkswagen is having issues starting and you think the battery may be to blame then call us today. Our specialists are here to make sure your car gets the high quality of work it needs at a more affordable price.

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