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One of the most crucial elements under the hood is your car’s alternator. It charges the battery and supplies electricity to the other electrical systems throughout your car. There are plenty of signs that your alternator may be going bad but unfortunately it can often be confused with a dead battery. This leads to many drivers simply replacing the battery and not fixing the actual issue. An alternator is much more expensive to repair or replace and can cause damages to other areas of the car if left neglected. Instead of compounding the issue by attempting to replace the battery or repair the alternator on your own bring it to the experts at Mike’s Foreign Car.

For almost 40 years the staff at Mike’s Foreign Car have earned our reputation as the premiere dealership alternative. Specializing in the service and maintenance of European-made cars we have the skill and experience needed to make sure your Audi, Volkswagen or Porsche is properly tended to. Rather than jump right in to repairing the alternator like they may at a dealership, we will take the time to properly check and diagnose your car’s issue. Yes, a lot of symptoms may be similar to a dying battery but it is important that we know for certain what the issue is before trying to repair it. This approach makes sure that we get the job done right the first time while also saving you as much money as possible.

Two of the most common causes of an alternator going bad are fluid leaks or a belt that is too tight that then causes the alternator bearings to wear down prematurely. If we do find that these are causing your car troubles we use only the highest quality tools to ensure that your car is back in perfect condition. This transparency in service is a part of our overall commitment to customer service. We understand the issues and expenses that come from visiting the dealership and we believe that maintaining your vehicle should be easier and more affordable than that. If you are experiencing issues with your car’s electrical systems or are having trouble starting it then call Mike’s Foreign Car today. Our trained experts will make sure that whether your car needs alternator repairs or other services, you get the high quality of work that your car deserves.

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