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One of the easier car issues to find and diagnose is an oil leak. Pools of oil under the car or a burning smell when you are driving can indicate that there is an issue but it isn’t always that easy to see. Leaking oil can also drastically damage internal components under the hood of your car meaning it is crucial to get your car to a professional as soon as possible. Specializing in servicing European-made cars, the experts at Mike’s Foreign Car makes sure that your car receives the high quality of work that it needs to continue properly running.

Typically an oil leak can be caused by something like a degraded engine gasket, leaks in the oil pan or faulty oil seals but diagnosing the cause is just the first step. At Mike’s Foreign Car once we diagnose the cause of your oil leak we work tirelessly to make sure the issue gets repaired as soon as possible. Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience properly repairing oil leaks on European luxury cars like Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen and we know what it takes to stop any leak and repair any damage that has been caused by them. Providing dealership quality service is what we pride ourselves on but that is where the similarities end. Drivers often choose the dealership when it comes to maintenance or repairs for their car but those visits can be time-consuming and extremely costly. That is why we at Mike’s Foreign Car pride ourselves on offering more affordable services as well as quicker turnaround times than a dealership.

Whether your car is in need of a new oil pan, replacement oil seals or repairs to the gasket, our mechanics make sure that the job gets done properly the first time. Everything from installing replacement parts to changing and refilling the oil will be done to the specifications of your vehicle’s manufacturer down to the type of oil that is used for your car. Located in Anaheim and servicing drivers from Anaheim Hills and Placentia, Mike’s Foreign Car makes sure that your car receives the oil leak repairs and further maintenance that it deserves.If you would like to schedule an appointment for your Audi, VW or Porsche with one of our specialists please call us today.

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