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One of the key features of any luxury car are the responsive brakes that help you come to a smooth stop without straining your car. There are a wide number of factors that can affect how fast your brakes wear out including how hard you press the peddle and if you find yourself in stop and go traffic often. While there are signs and sounds to look and listen for that alert you to your brakes requiring service there is still no better solution than having your car checked by experienced professionals.

For almost 40 years Mike’s Foreign Car have been the Anaheim area’s leading dealership alternative for brake repairs and service. Specializing in European made vehicles including Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche, we understand the importance of service that exceeds expectations. That is why we make sure to conduct a full inspection of your car to determine the severity of your brake problems and the best possible way to fix it. Whether your car needs replacement brake pads, repairs of a brake fluid leak or something else, our friendly staff is here to make the process a simple, hassle-free one for you. Oftentimes when you take your vehicle to the dealership for service the phrase “brake repair” can signal an expensive visit but at Mike’s Foreign Car we work to make sure that you get high quality brake services without breaking the bank.

Our specialists understand that the best way to avoid braking issues is by following the service schedule for your vehicle and that is why we make scheduling appointments as easy as possible. Instead of hearing a metal on metal grinding sound that signals it’s time for service, let our staff remind you when your next appointment is so that you don’t have to worry about any part of your car.

A high quality and affordable alternative to dealerships, Mike’s Foreign Car is the choice service center for drivers throughout Anaheim, Anaheim Hills and Placentia, CA. Our experience will make sure that any brake repair you need for your Audi, Volkswagen or Porsche is handled to the high standard that you expect. Your safety behind the wheel is our top priority and with your satisfaction guaranteed you can trust that no matter what your brakes need it will be done right.
Call Mike’s Foreign Car today to schedule a service appointment for your vehicle’s brakes.

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