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Warning Signs of a Failing Audi Engine

Warning Signs of a Failing Audi Engine

Audi engines are designed with utilization of the most advanced technology. The engine is like the heart of the vehicle, and when something goes wrong with the engine, you can forget about that long summer road trip—your Audi will be out of commission until you can get it to a reliable auto specialist. Several things can cause Audi engine failure, but with newer models, generally this issue is related to the engine control module, or the ECM. The ECM is responsible for controlling the vital pieces of the engine that, for lack of a better term, make your car go. Audi engine failure can be stressful and unexpected, and there are usually symptoms leading up to the failure that can be easily recognized by any driver. An illuminated check-engine light is not always the first sign of danger—there may be other ways tha ... read more


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