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Warning Signs of a Failing Audi Engine

Engine Failure

Audi engines are designed with utilization of the most advanced technology. The engine is like the heart of the vehicle, and when something goes wrong with the engine, you can forget about that long summer road trip—your Audi will be out of commission until you can get it to a reliable auto specialist. Several things can cause Audi engine failure, but with newer models, generally this issue is related to the engine control module, or the ECM. The ECM is responsible for controlling the vital pieces of the engine that, for lack of a better term, make your car go. Audi engine failure can be stressful and unexpected, and there are usually symptoms leading up to the failure that can be easily recognized by any driver. An illuminated check-engine light is not always the first sign of danger—there may be other ways that your car is behaving that can alert you to the problem. The most important thing in this situation is that you immediately bring your car in to be serviced; driving it with a check-engine light may be a death sentence for your car’s heart.

There could be many reasons of failure

When your check-engine light comes on and you bring it to a mechanic, they can perform a diagnostic assessment on your Audi that will inform them of any areas for concern. Because Audi utilizes only the most current and advanced automotive technology, special equipment is needed to read any diagnostic codes from the engine’s computer. There are several engine components that could be responsible for the failure, and typically they range in price to repair. If there is an issue with the vehicle’s ECM, then the diagnostic report will indicate that it is a technologically related issue, not a physical issue elsewhere on the car. One of the symptoms of a failing engine is noticeably less power with use of the gas pedal—there may be issues with acceleration, or it may feel like an engine is “slipping” or like the timing is off. If your Audi exhibits any abnormal performance during acceleration, it is likely that your check-engine light is on, and it’s time for an inspection.

Stalling could be the possible sign

Another sign that your Audi’s engine is failing is stalling. This may happen at random and without any noticeable cause. It is one thing for an Audi to stall during a gearshift related to the driver’s performance; however, if the Audi stalls without warning and without influence from the driver, it is likely that there is a serious issue with the car’s engine, or ECM. The good news is that if you find the proper Audi repair shop, they can usually take care of the problem in a timely manner, the bad news is it won’t always be exactly cheap. Finding the right mechanic to solve a problem with the engine is imperative; especially because repairing or replacing an engine can range highly on the scale of more costly automotive repairs. If there is wrong with the ECM, then it may be a complicated repair requiring a staff with special technical knowledge of the Audi’s advanced computer system.

Engine Diagnostics

Difficulty in vehicle start

Another indication of Audi engine failure is difficulty getting your car started. Because Audi’s are heavily computer-reliant, any glitch with the ECM may render it unworkable. Technological reliance is generally a good thing in automotive engineering because it lends more efficiency and power to the design of the vehicle. In fact, the ECM sometimes functions as a protective measure for the driver of the vehicle—if there is something wrong with the car that could be potentially dangerous, it spares both the vehicle and the driver from any trauma by disallowing its use. There are other issues that may be related to your car not starting, and those can range from low to incredibly high in cost of repair. In the case of your engine-light coming on, or other symptoms such as stalling, you should bring your car into a trusted auto mechanic shop that can help diagnose the issue before you continue to drive the vehicle daily. The most important thing is your safety, and when it comes to engine failure, it is best not to take any chances.


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